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Norway's historical Aquavit trail

The city of Trondheim is the origin of the Norwegian Linie Aquavit and one of the main "ingredients" is that the Linie brand must be transported in oak barrels over the Equator line twice. The first time was on a voyage fram 1805 to 1807 - and this special maturation is still a very important part of the making of Linie Aquavit.

The spirit is made from potatoes and caraway is the main flavour. Although the secret was revealed in 1807 by the Lysholm family, the Lysholm destillery was founded in Trondheim in 1821. The first bottle of "Linie" came around 1830. As mentioned the Linie Aquavit must be transported in oak barrels back and forth to Australia to obtain the right maturation, and the ships' routes are written on the bac label of the bottles.

The Aquavit Trail
Trails will be tailor made fro each group. Choose between anything from half a day in Trondheim, up to six days in the county of Trøndelag. You may choose Trondheim as the base, or stay overnight at most of the places you visit. All places in the trail have their own Aquavit menu including local food.

Some places included in the Aquavit Trail
Britannia Hotel -
To Rom og Kjøkken -
Baklandet Skydsstation -
Lian restaurant -
Frøset Farm -
Klostergården farmhouse -
Husfrua farmhouse -
Stiklestad National Cultural Center -
Jægtvolden Fjordhotel -

Also of great interest:
Nidarosdomen Cathedral -
"The Golden Route" -
Steinvikholm Castle -